Favorite Male Characters - voted by my followers - {2/5} - Jude Jacob/Adams Foster

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Princess Mariana Adams Foster in Every Episode

∟ 1x01 - Pilot

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5 facts and 5 random things 

I was tagged by barefootinadress for the 5 facts and fishnbanjos for the 5 random things about myself so they’re going into one post.

5 Facts

  1. I can press my tongue down in my mouth so it pushes out beneath my chin like a bullfrog. I’ve only ever met 1 other person who could do it, too.
  2. I have seen The Sound of Music at least 400 times because I watched it every single day for more than a year. 
  3. I have been in choir for at least part of the year for 12 of the last 14 years.
  4. I played French Horn for 10 years.
  5. I have never had less than two dogs at one time.

5 Random Things

  1. I like to put syrup on my hash browns.
  2. I’m pretty obsessed with nail polish but most of the time my nails are not painted. I can’t stop buying it though.
  3. I am very sensitive to fragrance and song perfumes/soaps often trigger headaches for me. As a child, before I really understood and knew to avoid them, I’d end up sick to my stomach after spending too much time in Bath and Body Works or anywhere with lots of candles. Even just spending too much time in the laundry detergent aisle can make me sick.
  4. I’m also very sensitive to temperature changes. I get too hot or too cold very easily and once I’m there it’s hard for me to get back to neutral. I take a hoodie with me everywhere in the summer because I end up cold in building because of air conditioning.
  5. When I love a song I can listen to it on repeat for hours and love it just as much but the 100th time as I did the first. Maybe more.
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tiberiusmulder said:  Lana is too much sometimes

hahaha Yeah she is.

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Anonymous said:  What's the best adamsfoster fanfic that you've read? I really am in need of new ones haha thankss and your blog is lovely

tbh, I read very very little. And most of the time when I do read something, it’s usually written by a friend. I recommend anything by hyadamsfoster, theypreferthetermpeople (although I’m a shit friend and have not read nearly as much of their stuff as I should have and I intend do, I promise) and The Winding Road by BelovedMaeve which is a set of family-centric one-shots set pre-pilot. (Which I have also seriously fallen behind on and should catch up on because their writing is really lovely and one-shots are my favorite.)

Otherwise, there’s a few individual stories I’ve reblogged in my fanfic tag but you’ll have to sift through the other random tumblr posts about fanfiction. You can also go to the fanfiction tags in hyadamsfoster or hellyeahstefandlena. (HYSL is no longer an active blog and so the archive is going to be a bit out of date but early adamsfoster stuff will be there, for sure.)

I hope this helped. Since I don’t actively seek out fanfiction (I know, I’m a terrible person b/c I write it but don’t read it) I can’t tell you too much else. Good luck and I’ll post any replies if any followers have any recommendations.

Also, for future reference, some of us are trying to get the tag #adamsfosterfic up and running so that we can have a place that is strictly Lena/Stef-centric fic without worrying about sifting through a million other ships/types of posts. So, you could look there and keep it in mind for the future.

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so there’s a lot of contention within the lesbian community about lesbians who have sex with men (and enjoy having sex with men - this post is not about repressed lesbians) contributing to lesbophobia when they call themselves lesbians rather than bisexuals, and personally I agree because I have personally heard a lot of those same lesbians shit on bisexual women openly and vocally

however there is such an enormous problem where lesbians look at women who identify as bisexual and assume we all sleep with men, desire men as partners, have or have had men as sexual partners etc. i see a lot of these women not even allowed to be respected by or allied with the lesbian community because of an aesthetic or sexual attraction to men that has rarely or never been acted upon. many bisexual women (like myself) are extremely uncomfortable with the actual idea of having sex with a man.

i see their bodies objectified by claims that they are sexually available to men, even if their bisexual attraction doesn’t include men or they explicitly feel uncomfortable actually being in a relationship and/or having sex with a man. i see asexual bi women being thrown under the bus here too, since above all ace women’s bodies are not available to anyone, and to suggest that they are is violence, plain and simple.

yet even when some of these aforementioned bi women feel like in some spaces it is safer or easier to ID as a lesbian, one of these spaces being especially around straight people, i see them being portrayed as perpetrators of violence and lumped into the same category of people who call themselves lesbians and yet sleep with men anyway. in many cases (such as my own) bi women whose bodies are unavailable to men experience both lesbophobia and biphobia, as well as internalized discomfort and even shame that they are blamed for their own fetishization, that there is something wrong with them for being more complex than the easy societal definitions of bisexuality and lesbianism.

(to give an example of misconceptions that lesbians seem to have about the way people view bi women: bi women who are unavailable to men get disturbing and unwelcome comments about being changed once they find the right man to have sex with. i got comments like these from my own aunt and mother. this is just one example of the lesbophobia we experience.)

that there is something wrong with them because the media frames characters and people who look like them as 100% gay, that when the media allows bi people to have a voice it is usually within stories that don’t look like theirs (i.e. stories like “i want to be allowed back into the queer community” and “i have been equally attracted to people of two binary genders my whole life”) and doesn’t seem to be invested in the lesbophobia, biphobia, and other violence they experience. 

lesbians need to stop blaming bi women for their perceived attractiveness and availability to men. violence against women, in this case fetishized and sexually corrective violence against women, is never their fault. and before they start blaming our communities for our continuation of misconceptions about lesbianism, as people who do not even identify as lesbians, they need to look within their own and ask themselves why it is that these lesbians have such a hard time identifying as bisexuals. i think they will find that the answer is rooted in lesbians having a more prominent history and a bigger voice in the bi community, that bisexual erasure is powerful and real, and that everyone’s lives would be better if they worked to promote bisexual history, work hand in hand with bisexual women, and to stop biphobia within the lgbtq community.

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do you ever read a fic that is so much better than the actual canon that you get angry

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